we would like to use this "cultura" space to send a big shout out to all the people out there who want to participate in bringing their events and other brazil related bits and pieces together to create a sort of blackboard of brazilian culture spread over the whole world. in other worlds, brazil being represented outside of brazil. feel free to join in. simply send us your submission or write us at 411@mojoknights.com


"brazil é cultura"



maga bo new video "nqayi feat. teba" watch it here.

after many visits to south africa, connecting with the african dope records crew - fletcher, teba, sibot, and max normal in particular, djing all over sa from cape town to joburg, producing and recording music, here is the third video clip to accompany my record, "archipelagoes," released recently on soot records. "nqayi feat. teba." was also chosen to represent the sound of cape town on the latest african dope records compilation, "cape of good dope 2."

the video was shot over 2 days in guguletu, one of cape town's most notorious townships and teba's home turf - with all borrowed equipment - borrowed camera, boom box, the car on loan, people leting us into their houses to film. back in the day, teba was a member of the super successful kwaito group skeem, which put out several albums before he left to do more socially conscious work. he now leads workshops in lyric writing and gumboot dancing (!), is part of the african dope sound system, has his own live band and has collaborated with the likes of stereotyp, godessa and sibot.

a slow hybrid funk/macumba/ragga beat sung in xhosa and english, the lyrics talk about the difficulties faced by youth in townships today and how society tries to force them to drink and take drugs. nqayi means baldhead and refers to fake rastas posturing themselves, but then bending over to the pressures of society and shaving their locks. an interesting element of the lyrics to this track are in the chorus where he uses the xhosa 'q' sound, a click made with the tongue and the roof of the mouth, as a percussive element. check the end of the video for a quick lesson.....

you can check the other videos from archipelagoes "fire feat. xuman" and "saye mbott feat. alif with ndiaya" here on vimeo and here on youtube.

love, maga bo / www.magabo.com




mercredi 31 décembre 2008 à paris
22:00 h à 06:00 h

prévente: 40€ I sur place: 50€
avec une coupe de champagne
+ buffet à volonté de 22h à 01h composé de fruits, canapés, feijoada et "salgadinhos" (petits gâteaux salés et frits)

concerts / samba / forro / DJ / VC / danseuses - toute la nuit

avec jota & companhia, lia prestes, jura fernandes, DJ arthur

nouvel an français à minuit
novel an brésilien à 3 h (en direct avec le brésil)
comme au bresil, venez au blanc!!

événement incontournable au divan du monde, participez à un réveillon dans la plus pure tradition du brésil pendant 8h non stop! - fêtez la nouvelle année à minuit et à 3h en direct avec le brésil!


divan du monde
75 rue des martyrs 75018 paris
m° pigalle ou abbesses
parking anvers : 11 bd de rochechouart
infoline: 01 42 52 02 46

posted on 24.12.2008



camera mundo – 2nd independent film festival 2009 – open for subscription!
after a very successful first edition the camera mundo team has been working hard towards the opening of the subscriptions for the 2nd edition of the festival. independent filmmakers and animators from all over brazil are asked to send in their work! the deadline is february 28, 2009. to know more about the rules and regulations, visit our camera mundo website, www.cameramundo.nl in 2009 camera mundo will be part of a broader program the city of rotterdam is planning to celebrate the brazilian summer of 2009 in rotterdam. camera mundo will take place from 26 to 28 of june 2009.
besides the film festival, caramundo is planning several other artistic, cultural and sportive activities including graffiti, photography, workshops, debates and lots of music from brazil in rotterdam during the whole summer! so stay tuned and participate! we are looking forward to everything that’s coming and we hope we can share it with all of you!


camera mundo - 2º festival de filmes independentes 2009 – inscrições abertas!
depois de uma primeira edição super boa, a equipe do camera mundo trabalhou muito para lançar as inscrições da 2a edição do festival. cineastas e animadores de todo o brasil podem inscrever os seus trabalhos até 28 de fevereiro de 2009. para mais informações sobre o festival, a ficha de inscrição e os regulamentos para a inscrição dos fimes, visite o site do camera mundo, www.cameramundo.nl. no ano de 2009 o camera mundo será parte de uma programação mais ampla que a cidade de rotterdam está planejando para comemorar o verão do brasil 2009 em rotterdam. o camera mundo acontecerá entre os dias 26 a 28 de junho de 2009. além do festival de filmes, a caramundo está planejando diversas atividades artísticas, culturais e esportivas, incluindo graffiti, fotografia, palestras e muita música do brasil em rotterdam durante o verão todo! fique ligado e participe! estamos ansiosos pelo que está por vir e esperamos compartilhar tudo com vocês!

posted on 02.11.2008



fans of brazilian music and record collectors round the world often cross over the name of tim maia through his bizarre rational albums. in brazil though, he was a super star, a musical icon which stands right beside jobim, caetano, jorge ben or gilberto gil. but this guy is a rare and unique case of mass popularity - probably the only artist in the history of popular music of brazil who had complete control over his own career.

tim maia, in almost every single moment of his musical life, did only what he wanted to and in a way he wanted to. imagine all this combined with a turbulent and furious way of living, packed with a triathlon of alcohol, heroin and cannabis, and the result were numerous arguments with music companies, publishers, composers or newspapers. musically however, tim maia is a true godfather of brazilian soul integrating the funk and soul with brazilian rhythms like no other before and after him. many were inspired by the american sound in 70s brazil, but no one was able to make a commercial success out of it (and move the masses like crazy at baile parties in the suburbs in the same time).

from the early american days up to the glorious musical moments in the mid-to-late seventies, nelson motta passionately tells the story of a musical genius with no room for censorship. not only are popular records and parts of his career covered, but also today's collectors point of view: find out in great detail how and why tim made the controversial rational records, read about his mighty bands seroma and vitoria regia, backed up by who-is-who of the black rio movement (including banda black rio's oberdan, carlos dafe or junior mendes to name a few). read about how tim pressed his own, now highly sought-after underground masterpieces including the best ever record he made - nuvens from 1982.

nelson motta is narrating in a simple but dynamic way making the book more than approachable for non-native portuguese speakers. highly recommended for everyone who is deep into brazilian samba, soul and boogie. you must get to know the mighty godfather - the one and only tim maia do brasil!

buy the book here

nebojsa jazzmate
radio b92 - belgrade

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barcelona – noviembre del 2008


brasil creando nuevo arte.

presentamos a seguir el 8º festival brasilnoar – 8º festival
internacional del nuevo arte brasileño, barcelona, noviembre 2008.

con conciertos musicales, muestra de cine, exposición de arte plástica, conferencias y cursos, es un evento multidisciplinar que engloba todas las disciplinas del arte, desde el contemporáneo hasta la extensa manifestación popular brasileña.

es una oportunidad única en barcelona para conocer lo que hay de más contemporáneo en el arte brasileño. grupos musicales de punta, proyectos artísticos de vanguardia, películas premiadas, cursos, conferencias… en fin, un brasil difícil de reunir incluso dentro del propio país.

cronograma de actividades – 8º festival brasilnoar


–música – conciertos en sala apolo – domingo, 09 de noviembre, de 20:00 a 04:30 – 10€.
la principal noche de conciertos brasileños del 2008 en barcelona con 8 grupos desde brasil. desde la música popular (folclore) hasta la música contemporânea brasileña.

–exposición brasilnoar de fotografías – del 1 al 30 de noviembre – grátis.
“la ruta escudellers de arte” realizada en 11 locales cercanos a la calle escudellers bar bahia, buen bocado, los alamos, manolo, lechuga, nevermind, shangay, sushi ya, venus, zoo y maumaunderground.

–muestra de cine brasilnoar – grátis. cortometrajes brasileños – 13, 14, 27 y 29 de noviembre en maumaunderground, inicio 21:30. vídeos de skate – 19 de noviembre en nevermind, inicio 22:00.

–conferencias en consulado geral do brasil em barcelona y en la universitat de barcelona – 06 y 07 de noviembre, respectivamente
– grátis.

–cursos de danza en espai palmares– 22 y 23 de noviembre
– 15€ cada curso.

posted on 02.11.08



"its your take it! brazil" is a world exhibition of free art, where artists from various countries send works to be exposed in public places, such as streets, plazas, parks, open-air events or simply left on the street for someone to pick up, so during the event the works are being donated to the public, free art for all!!

this first version of "it's yours take it!, brazil" will be presented in the hall of fame of brazil, a vast corridor of labyrinths painted by writers from all across the world, in a part of sao paulo well known for brazilian art, vila madalena. (the place was used in 2001 to launch the magazine "arter" in the streets of vila madalena)

the event "it's yours take it!" brazil, will also feature concerts by rap groups, b.boys crews, djs, mcs and much more. for crews who care to register contact: gilbocada@hotmail.com

location: vila madalena - são paulo - brazil
date: 6th december 2008
hours: 10h to 22h
works: wood, paper, stickers, metal, posters, canvas, painel, recicleds or other materials.
cover: free
deadline for submissions: 1st november
artists willing to participate send an email to: sp9370@yahoo.com.br subject "its yours take it! brazil"
organizers: gejo, gil & eymard ribeiro

more information here: www.flickr.com/photos/gejo

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